The Big House

This is the fundamental spot, where everything started. The first of three buildings that make up our 9-bedroom complex. A big dining room with panoramic view of the gardens, where our guests can share meals.
The kitchen, much like every other space in our hotel, is at our guests’ disposition.
Two patios, a huge living room with a fireplace. An underground wine cellar with a varied wine selection.
Every space is finely decorated predominantly with wood and stone, to help our guests feel in a warm and familiar environment.

The Garden House

This is our rest and relaxation sanctuary. Located in the largest part of our garden, close to the pool: most of our rooms are located in this area.
Encontrará además un inmenso porche con mesa de billar para disfrutar las noches o atardeceres, un living room con smart Tv para disfrutar en familia y un pequeño espacio de trabajo para sentarse con su laptop.
At “La Casa del Jardín” during the morning, you’ll hear different bird species singing sweet melodies and flying through the air, filling our sunrises with colors. At night time the wind blows through the tops of the trees and the sound will rock to sleep.